7 Diet Food Recipes a week down 4 Kg

In this diet recipe article, we will talk about a diet food menu that you can try in order to lose weight. For those of you who have been wanting to have an ideal body and already do various diet programs but have not succeeded, you can try to run or practice diet food recipes a week of weight lose up to 4 kilograms Easy and healthy. Because this week's Diet food menu is proven effective in terms of weight loss.

7 Diet Food Recipes a week down 4 Kg
7 Diet Food Recipes a week down 4 Kg

Besides arranging a healthy food menu to diet, you are also required to commit to a diet food menu that you can consume. This may be a bit difficult to do for the roadway of a diet program. Because the habit of consuming unhealthy food and snacking any snack is one hobby for you who have excess weight. And on this week's diet menu you should be able to throw away your bad habits.

So essentially in running a diet program with a diet food menu this week you should be really committed and should really adhere to what food menu you can consume. And in diet food recipes in this article, we will arrange your food schedule in 7 days or a week. This diet food Menu we have stacked for your body to be able to shrink the stomach, taping cheeks and others.

Well, if you follow a diet food recipe this week properly and sincerely committed, we are confident you are able to lose weight up to 4 pounds even more in a week. So for those of you who are on a strict diet or would like to lose weight quickly you can try the 7 diet food recipes a week that we shared this time. Because besides being able to lose weight easily, you are also not made tormented with a meal menu that is not tasty. 

Because in diet food this week you can still consume healthy and fresh food in a certain amount. Then what are the hell to 7 diet food recipes this week? Let's immediately be listened to a potent diet recipe to lose weight up to 4 kilograms a week below.

First day Diet Food recipes

On the first day, you can try the Soup food menu for the diet. For example, by consuming 7 fat burner soup Diet recipes that we have shared some time ago in a day. Or you can also consume several different types of soup. In this case you can choose a vegetarian or non vegetarian soup, but make sure if you don't add salt to your soup. Simple isn't it?

Second day Diet food recipes

Consumption of many fibers in your second day, is a very effective option. Food menu choices are made of cabbage or white mustard. Both of these vegetables prove to be potent containing high fiber, making it good for weight loss. Make sure the processing is not wrong (for example in fry). Because this will add to the accumulation of fat in your body. And conversely, you can process them by steamed, boiled or stir-fry without oil can be the solution.

Third Day Diet Food recipes

For the third day, it's time for you to consume oranges or grapefruit. You can add juice that contains fat burner enzymes such as juice from grapefruit into your food menu. This juice can help you to lose weight and can shrink the stomach quickly. You can also consume it in a way that is eaten immediately, without juice.

Fourth day Diet Food recipes

The fourth day, is the time you shrink the stomach with juice. However, you should also be smart at choosing the fruit you want to make the juice. Because this fruit will help you to resist hunger. And the best fruit we recommend is fruit that contains lots of water. For example pear, apples, grapes and so forth. Don't forget, make sure the juice you made does not contain any sugar at all aka pure juice.

The fifth day Diet food recipe

The fifth day is the time you lose weight with a vegan or vegetarian diet. Vegan diets You can apply today, because your body needs nutrients and vitamins in bulk. 3 important vegetables that you should put in the Diet food menu on this fifth day are spinach, potatoes, and carrots. This is because the content of three vegetables can complement each other your nutritional needs. You can enjoy all three vegetables by boiling.

Diet Food recipe of the sixth day

Well, once you consume a lot of food, it is time for you to burn your body poison with white water. Warm water is capable of providing good benefits for fat burning quickly. Consumption of ordinary water as much as 6 to 8 liters in today and add warm water to accelerate fat burning.

Seventh-day Diet food Recipes

Well, after you have done a strict diet on the first day until the sixth day, it is time for your mind to feel the taste of your favorite food. You can try to enjoy pure chocolate or your favorite foods like grilled chicken, ice cream and so on. But still add vegetables and do not consume them excessively. Set the portion, it could be quite the origin segigit enough you can feel it. ...
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