Spicy goat meat recipe ALA Restaurant

Hi Moms... Never so Moms have a stock of goat meat but males sour and certainly the recipe it's Ajah make Bosen. Moreover, usually the goat meat stock abundant after Eid sacrifice. 

Spicy goat meat recipe ALA Restaurant
Spicy goat meat recipe ALA Restaurant

Yups.. This time we want to share the recipe NIH for spicy lovers and our goat meat lovers directly aja Yu Moms.


1/2 kg diced goat meat/according to taste ya Moms
10 cloves thinly sliced shallots
5 cloves of thinly sliced garlic
Pepper powder & granulated sugar to taste
10/15 Grains Red cayenne pepper
2 pieces of red chili
2 pieces of green chili
3 Salam leaves
3 orange leaves

Kaffir lime
Water to taste
Tamarind and salt to taste
Soy sauce and cooking oil to taste

How to make

Sauteed shallots, garlic, salam leaves, and citrus leaves until fragrant
Put the goat meat that was already in the stir into the sautéed, add salt, pepper powder, and sugar, stir until blended until the flesh changes color slightly brownish, add water and soy sauce, wait until the seasoning pervasive
Put chili pepper and tamarind water stir until blended and wait until cooked.
If it is ripe lift and serve.

Recipes processed meat is still not much that tau Loh, easy not Moms?
For that do not forget to share to others also yes recipe
Good luck Moms...

Warmest greetings from kitchen recipes...

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