Crispy Gadung chips recipe


Crispy Gadung chips recipe
Crispy Gadung chips recipe

500g yam, peeled, then washed thoroughly.
2tbsp lime Betel.
1tbsp salt.
450ml water.
Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: large;  "> 500g cooking oil, for frying.

How to make:

Slice the thin-and-thin yam, put in a container, wash it clean, then drain.
Re-insert the yam into the container, and pour the water and the betel nut. Let stand/soak for 1 (one) day.
Wash the yam back, drain. Enter the salt, stir. Let stand for 15 minutes for salt to permeize.
Heat the frying pan, enter the oil. Wait for the oil to become hot. Put the yam slices, fry until cooked, bloom, dry and crispy, then lift. Serve.

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