Crispy Fried tofu chips recipe


Crispy Fried tofu chips recipe
Crispy Fried tofu chips recipe

250 g know white.
500 g cooking oil, for frying.
50 g ready-made barbeque seasoning (can be substituted other flavors according to taste).

How to make:

Slice thinly-thin, insert into a container, then set aside.
Heat the frying pan and enter the oil. Wait until the oil is really hot.
Fry know one by one to know not to sticky each other when fried. Fry tofu until yellowish and dried into chips, lift and drain.
Put the tofu chips into the container (jar). Sprinkle barbeque seasoning, stir. Serve.

Bunda can try it yourself at home, besides easy also taste that children like to be able to add to the spirit.

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