Balado Cassava chips

Mother, want a simple snack and the ingredients are easy to find?
Maybe this could be the option of snack for family. Can be served when relaxing with family or can also to serve when there are guests visiting the house.

Balado Cassava chips
Balado Cassava chips

Here's a recipe of cassava chips Balado seasoning, note fine well..


500 g Singkong good quality, peel the whole skin then wash clean.
500 g cooking oil, for frying and stir-frying. It is recommended good oil yah, which has been through the number of times filtering.
1/2 tsp salt.
50 g granulated sugar.
3 tbsp tamarind water.
50 g bottled chili pepper sauce. Balado Seasoning:

3 cloves garlic.
3 Grains of shallot.
100 g fresh red chili.
How to make:

Heat the water filled boiler boiler. Steamed cassava until half cooked, lift, and then chill.

Slice the thin-thin cassava and then dry it under the hot sun until it dries.

Heat a frying pan. Put the oil, fry the cassava until cooked and dried into chips. Lift, then drain.

Prepare a blender, enter all the seasoning Balado. Then process until smooth, set aside.

Heat a frying pan. Enter 3 tbsp of the oil fry residual. Add a mashed Balado seasoning. Stir fry seasoning until fragrant, then input chili sauce, salt, tamarind water, and sugar, then stir until evenly.

Insert Cassava chips. Stir until the seasoning sticks flat to all parts of cassava chips. Lift, then chill. Serve.

Now, the mother of the dish of cassava chips Balado seasoning is ready. Serve with warm tea in the afternoon. May be a complement in a fun day with your beloved family.

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